Branding & Communication


When a company with almost 100 years in the market, focused on B2B, decides to open its business to communicate and sell directly to the end consumer, the challenge goes far beyond conversion.

It is necessary to rethink positioning, strategy, branding, channels…


The starting point of a new brand was to understand a new consumer. More critical, more conscious, more demanding, and with more attitude.

The entire new brand direction values truth. Models with unique beauty, without worrying about standards. Photos with no treatment of the bodies. Subtle and natural makeup. Contemporary and urban arts. Disruptive sources. Inspiring texts. Real stories.



Before consumers get to know what Squeem does, it was first important to present why it does it. A video that connects with the public in a much more emotional and deeper way: sharing values.


The challenge here was 100% operational. How to completely turn the brand around while maintaining exactly the same structure and existing integrations with sales platforms on Shopify and Amazon, while at the same time delivering a consistent brand message across all channels. The solution? Lots of work, focusing on user experience.

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