Eneva 10 Years

10 years ago, when Eneva transformed natural gas into electricity, it also boosted the development of the regions where it operates. With each new partnership, incredible people, with stories that go far beyond energy generation.

An Energy Full of Stories

With so many achievements over a decade, it was easy to focus communication on delivering value to shareholders.

But isn’t it much better when that value is for communities, and the stories are from people who transformed their narratives?

With this in mind, we produced 16 mini docs in 4 cities in Brazil, telling stories that are worth telling and introducing people that are worth knowing.

Mini Doc


In 2010, Eneva donated 60 hectares of land for agricultural production in the resettlement of 95 families in Paço do Lumiar, metropolitan region of São Luís, Maranhão. With Eneva’s support in training and education, the HortCanaã Agricultural Hub was born. Today, with the entire population literate and commercial autonomy, the average family income has more than doubled.

This is the story of Zacharias.

Mini Doc


Special coffee, straight from the Amazon? Yes, it is possible, with quality and care for the environment. With Eneva’s support in training production and marketing techniques, the coffee produced in the municipality of Silves, in Amazonas, helped increase the income of families in the region.

This is Roque’s story.

Mini Doc


Elas Empreendedoras, in partnership with Eneva, trained more than 100 women in situations of socioeconomic vulnerability in the municipalities of Silves and Itapiranga, in Amazonas. In 2022, women members of the project more than doubled their income by selling biojewelry, handicrafts and meals.

This is Débora’s story.