L’Oréal Colorful Hair

With a strategy based on the participation of content creators, the launch of the new product was live on Social Media.

Characters chosen for their influence on both the professional hair styling public and the end consumer, the meeting between these two universes was the ideal convergence for communication.


Interactive from the begining

Manu Gavassi kicked off communication and launched the challenge. With a poll to her followers to choose the color that best expressed her.

At the same time, recognized professionals such as Fernando Torquatto and Bruno Viana announced on their social networks that they would transform Manu Gavassi within a week, and with the only product capable of truly expressing its colors: Colorful by L’Oréal.

Going Live

On the day of the transformation, the professionals got together and colored Manu’s hair, explaining the best techniques for an impressive result, straight from the L’Oréal gym.

The process was broadcast on the personal profile of Manu Gavassi and the 2 Colorful ambassadors: Fernando Torquatto and Bruno Viana.


Manu Gavassi produced video reviews about the experience of having colored hair, always reinforcing the quality of Colorful Hair.


After the transformation, we began communicating the launch of Colorful Hair on the official L’Oréal and Ambassador profiles, with the material produced on the day of the initial broadcast.

Terraço Botafogo