Experience Design

Casa de Vacinas

For a project with great mass potential, on a subject of extreme importance, the solution was bold, but very aligned with the objectives: unbranded content.

Or when the relevance of the content is more powerful than the brand, to gain reach, impact consumers and generate returns where it matters most, at the point of sale.



The challenge was great. Transform a vaccine website into a national content reference. The strategy was a service and information portal, far beyond the brand.

Under the best inbound marketing practices, Casa de Vacinas becomes a useful portal in people’s lives, demystifying the topic, creating awareness about the importance of prevention and helping users to plan and control their vaccines, sold by GSK or no.

Content Hub 

At a time when the discussion about vaccines has become a frequent topic, and social networks are becoming a powerful channel for spreading information, how can we separate myths and truths? Which sources to really believe? How does this affect families’ daily lives?

All of these answers are part of the mission of Casa de Vacinas, a portal with a scientific basis and simple language about diseases and vaccines.

Design System